10 reasons to set up a Gibraltar company

by | Oct 9, 2023 | Customer Service, Gibraltar, Offshore Companies

Setting up a company in Gibraltar can offer various advantages, depending on your business goals and circumstances. Here are 10 reasons why you might consider establishing a Gibraltar company:

1. Tax Efficiency: Gibraltar has a favourable tax regime with low corporate tax rates. Many companies benefit from these tax advantages, including exemptions for certain types of income and capital gains which makes Gibraltar attractive for incorporating companies.

2. No Capital Gains Tax or Value Added Tax (VAT): Gibraltar does not levy capital gains tax, making it attractive for companies involved in investments or asset sales. Gibraltar does not charge VAT which is attractive for companies with substance in Gibraltar.

3. Stable Economy: Gibraltar has a strong and stable economy, driven by sectors such as finance, online gaming, and shipping, providing a solid foundation for business growth.

4. Access to EU Markets: While not part of the European Union, Gibraltar has access to EU markets through its relationship with the UK, which can be advantageous for businesses seeking access to the European market. Gibraltar is currently seeking an EU Treaty to further enhance its benefits for setting up companies and relocating here.

5. Financial Services Hub: Gibraltar is a well-established financial services centre with a robust regulatory framework, making it an ideal location for financial institutions, fintech companies, and asset management firms.

6. Legal System: Gibraltar’s legal system is based on British common law, providing businesses and companies with a familiar and reliable legal environment.

7. English Language: English is the official language of Gibraltar, which simplifies business operations and international communication for clients.

8. Strategic Location: Gibraltar’s strategic location at the entrance to the Mediterranean Sea offers proximity to Europe, Africa, and the Middle East, making it an ideal base for international trade. Gibraltar’s strong alignment with the UK, land connection to Spain and only one hour time difference to the UK ensures setting up in Gibraltar remains attractive.

9. Skilled Workforce: Gibraltar has a skilled and multilingual workforce, particularly in sectors like finance, gaming, and technology.

10. International Reputation: Gibraltar is known for its strong regulatory oversight and compliance standards, which can enhance a company’s reputation and credibility, especially in the financial services sector.

While Gibraltar offers many advantages for businesses, it’s important to conduct thorough research and consult with legal and financial professionals to ensure that a Gibraltar company aligns with your specific business needs and objectives. Additionally, consider factors like the cost of incorporation, ongoing compliance requirements, and any potential challenges related to managing a business in Gibraltar.

At Octopus, we provide advice on relocating to Gibraltar and incorporating Gibraltar companies for both resident and non-residents. We assist and guide you through the process of business licences and registering with the employment trading board.

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By Phil Cartwright