Setting up a company bank account for a Gibraltar company

by | Nov 14, 2022 | Uncategorized

 At Octopus, we work with banks and electronic money institutions worldwide to assist clients obtain a bank account. 

The choice of bank will depend on the following:

  1. Amount of turnover
  2. Number of transactions
  3. Where the client is resident
  4. Where the company is incorporated
  5. What is the company activity
  6. Where the funds will be received from and paid to
  7. Whether it is a local resident company in Gibraltar or a non-resident company
  8. Whether there is a foreign exchange requirement
  9. Whether a bank card is required
  10. Who are the signatories
  11. Type of online access required The amount of time taken to open bank accounts for Gibraltar companies can vary depending on the bank’s risk appetite and the complexity of the company set up.
    All of Octopus clients have already provided full KYC and source of wealth/funds as part of our onboarding procedure.