To become ordinary resident in Gibraltar

by | Nov 15, 2022 | Uncategorized

You must rent or own an apartment in Gibraltar. The apartment cannot be government owned if you are renting so be careful when signing a rental contact to ensure you can use the address.
You must either be employed or self-employed and be registered with the Employment Trading Board (”ETB”). If you work for yourself and require a company setting up in Gibraltar, then Octopus can assist.
You must have an operating address to work from.
If you are self employed or have set a company up, you may need a business licence from the Office of Fair Trading.
Once approved by the ETB, you can apply for a tax identification number with the tax office in Gibraltar.
You can then apply for your Civil Registration Card to become resident. This will allow you to register for the Gibraltar Health Authority and register your children in the school.
At Octopus, we can guide you through the processes depending on your situation.