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Gibraltar companies are used by many people worldwide for a number of different reasons. Generally, Gibraltar companies are broken down into two categories:

Resident Companies


Resident Companies

Resident companies are companies incorporated, based and physically trading in Gibraltar.

To qualify as a Resident, the company must have its own trading address within Gibraltar, must obtain a trade license and register with the Department of Employment stating they are physically trading in Gibraltar. We can work with you and help with the end to end process, and even offer reduced package prices so that we can incorporate you, for less.

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Non-Resident Companies

A non-resident company is a company that legally is exactly the same as a Resident company, but does not have a physical presence or trading in Gibraltar. A non-resident company must maintain a registered office address in Gibraltar, and has the same annual requirements of filing at the registry. Non-resident companies tend to be cheaper and easier to set up, as less registrations and licenses have to be obtained in Gibraltar.

Non-Resident Companies

Reinstate your Gibraltar Company

Sometimes if a company is not maintained properly, it can be struck off by the registry, or just be seen to not be in Good Standing.

Perhaps you closed your company years ago, and now wish to re-open it.

We can reinstate your company, to be in Good Standing as though the company never lapsed. This can be very useful if your company holds assets that you wish to access or extract from the company.

Company Re-domiciliation

Like people, companies can move their registration from one country to another – this process is called Re-domiciliation. 

Re-domiciling your company into Gibraltar can be a great way to incorporate a Gibraltar company into your business structure, without needing to replace your existing company, or forfeiting the branding and history of the company you have worked hard to build up over the years.

We have excellent re-domiciliation packages, which may make re-domiciling cheaper than you think!


What is the typical timeframe for setting up a Gibraltar company, and can I purchase a pre-established one?

We do not hold shelf companies anymore due to the number of filing requirements per year.
A standard incorporation would normally take 3 working days but an urgent incorporation can be completed In 24 hours if required.

Do I need to physically visit your office to establish a Gibraltar company, and why might a local director and secretary be required?

There is no requirement to visit our office. All of our paperwork can be completed with our assistance electronically. However, we welcome clients as and when possible to our offices.
A local secretary will soon be a statutory requirement and is essential for ensuring all filings are up to date. Late filings will result in penalties.
A corporate director may be required to ensure the management and control of the company is taking place in Gibraltar. It also enables the company to open a bank account in Gibraltar.

Could you outline the annual filing obligations for Gibraltar companies?

Each company must hold an Annual General Meeting (AGM). This can be dispensed of by Special Resolution.
Each company is required to file an Annual Return (normally on the anniversary date of the company). As Secretary, we would prepare this on behalf of the Company.
Each company has to file accounts within 12 months of the accounting year end to avoid any penalties. The first accounting period can be up to 18 months from the date of incorporation.
Each company must file a tax return within 9 months of the accounting year end. A copy of the accounts needs to be submitted with the return.

What is the Corporate Tax rate for Gibraltar Companies?

Gibraltar’s Corporation Tax is territorial meaning it would only be charged on income accrued or derived from Gibraltar. The current tax rate is 12.%. All income derived outside of Gibraltar is exempt.

Gibraltar’s Corporation Tax is territorial meaning it would only be charged on income accrued or derived from Gibraltar. The current tax rate is 12.%. All income derived outside of Gibraltar is exempt.

Gibraltar does not have wealth tax, inheritance tax, VAT or capital gains tax. Tax on royalties is charged at 12.5% and there is tax on inter company loan interest above £100,000 at 12.5%.
If a company is managed and controlled in Gibraltar or receives funds from another Gibraltar company then it would be liable for corporation tax of 12.5%.

Is Octopus able to provide assistance with directorship and shareholder roles for Gibraltar companies?

Octopus is licensed and regulated to provide corporate directorship and corporate nominee shareholder services in Gibraltar.

How does the process of opening a bank account for a Gibraltar company work?

We have a panel of bank and electronic money institutions we refer to. Depending upon the activity of the company, where the business operates, who are the directors, we would recommend a suitable provider for the account. Each bank has their own procedure but we can assist throughout the whole process.

To open a Gibraltar bank account for a company, you will need a Gibraltar corporate director to manage and control the bank account unless you have a large deposit.

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