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Gibraltar companies are used by many people worldwide for a number of different reasons. Generally, Gibraltar companies are broken down into two categories:


Resident Companies

Resident companies are companies incorporated, based and physically trading in Gibraltar.

To qualify as a Resident, the company must have its own trading address within Gibraltar, must obtain a trade license and register with the Department of Employment stating they are physically trading in Gibraltar. We can work with you and help with the end to end process, and even offer reduced package prices so that we can incorporate you, for less.

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Non-Resident Companies

A non-resident company is a company that legally is exactly the same as a Resident company, but does not have a physical presence or trading in Gibraltar. A non-resident company must maintain a registered office address in Gibraltar, and has the same annual requirements of filing at the registry. Non-resident companies tend to be cheaper and easier to set up, as less registrations and licenses have to be obtained in Gibraltar.

Reinstate your Gibraltar Company

Sometimes if a company is not maintained properly, it can be struck off by the registry, or just be seen to not be in Good Standing.

Perhaps you closed your company years ago, and now wish to re-open it.

We can reinstate your company, to be in Good Standing as though the company never lapsed. This can be very useful if your company holds assets that you wish to access or extract from the company.

Company Re-domiciliation

Like people, companies can move their registration from one country to another – this process is called Re-domiciliation. 

Re-domiciling your company into Gibraltar can be a great way to incorporate a Gibraltar company into your business structure, without needing to replace your existing company, or forfeiting the branding and history of the company you have worked hard to build up over the years.

We have excellent re-domiciliation packages, which may make re-domiciling cheaper than you think!

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